What is the best time to eat: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

In the recent past I observed lots of ups and downs on my health. First it started with typhoid, after that I caught up with gastric and then it ended up with hemorrhoids (piles) (sometimes it sounds like drama but unfortunately for me it was the most haunting time). So, in the mean time I started researching around the web, discussing with people and gained a lots of knowledge about my root cause of all these problems and not just the solutions. During this journey I was introduced to Organic foods, fiber rich foods and most importantly the importance of food and best time to eat food.

Best time to eat

Timings to eat food

It all started because of irregularity in the timings to eat food and also irregularity in the type of food that I was eating. I found so many things to cure gastric and hemorrhoids on my way like the first solution is medicines, aloe vera juice etc. But the root cause was not there on the solutions but somewhere else. Except this I always had head ache when I was returning from office, skip a meal, delay a meal because of some office work or even sometimes when I was at home. I did not find the reason for this head ache but I used to think this is the result of sitting in front of a PC, laptop or TV but it was not (at least in my case). It will just start and I had to bear this or end up with eating a pain killer to get rid of this. But proper timing of eating food just cleared all my worries and everything is fine now. So now I just have to take care when I have to eat.

So, what is the best time to eat food???

Some say 6 AM to 9 AM is the right time to start your breakfast and some say you should have a heavy meal during the time 11 AM to 3 PM when the digestive fire is more concentrated but what is the fact finally? According to Nikhil Mehta, an Ayurvedic doctor from Pune (India), most importantly you should eat food when you feel hungry. He says, your body will automatically signal you when it needs something. You just need to understand your body’s signals and must not ignore.

Lets take an example that you woke up late (say at 9 AM) and you have missed your breakfast. Now what? Should you wait till 11 AM for the digestive fire to get stronger. Of course not. When your body will ask you to feed (that is: when you will fell hungry) you just go and have some food.

How much should you eat?

There is no such amount or time is prescribed to explain how much of food or till what time you should continue eating. Again your body will signal you when to stop. After having enough food if you feel like enough now, then just move on. But there are two aspects you should consider while completing your meal:

  1. Whether your stomach is full or not?
  2. Whether you are really satisfied of the food or not?

Sometimes it may happen that your stomach is full but still you want more food to eat. May be the food is much tastier than ever before and you wanna eat more. It is recommended that you always eat those food you like the most and not to over eat.

Should you drink after your food?

I had read somewhere and also heard from many people that you should not take water until 45 minutes of taking food and some say 30 minutes. who should I listen? The same principle goes here too i.e always listen to your body what it says. If it asks you to give some water then yes you should drink. If your body does not require water after your meal then no need to drink anything. After having a stomach full and satisfied meal sometimes I feel like still something is missing. I mean to say my body still asks something to be fed back to the stomach. There I drink one or two sip of water that’s all. It is not required to eat a glass full of water. Later when again your body asks for more water you can go and have some.

That’s all. These simple facts just brought big changes in my life. Now I just don’t have to remember any timings like, I have to take breakfast in between 7 AM to 9 AM or lunch in between 11 AM to 3 PM. Sometimes if I am traveling to somewhere then I was really worried how to maintain these timings. Even after following these timings I always end up my day with a mild head ache because I was eating when it was not needed. Now sometimes I eat lunch at 4 PM or breakfast at 10 AM and everything is all fine because I eat when my body asks, that’s it. So, when I started noticing my body signals I have only witnessed good days and thought to share it with you.

Hope it will help you to get good health and peaceful time.

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